Skateboarding Classes In Los Angeles, Ca

All of Jessy’s skate classes are carefully adapted and planned to help prevent injury all while having fun learning the basic fundamentals of skateboarding.

He guarantees you will be leaving your first class feeling like you’ve skated your whole life. During his classes he teaches focus, staying calm and alert, falling and rolling, anticipation, balance, physics, angles, the physiognomy of a skateboard, pressure points and more.

Jessy has been teaching & demonstrating skateboarding in schools for over a decade. Jessy recently partnered up with “The First Guild” In Los Angeles to help develop and introduce an innovative program into the school system.

For more information about skate classes and demos, contact Jessy via email form below:

Jessy Jean Bart for Vivace Collectif
Jessy Jean Bart Los Angeles, Ca Skateboarding Classes