Jessy Jean Bart for Vivace Collectif

"I care about creating a positive impact through skating."

Born on November 5, 1987, in Montréal, Canada, Jessy Jean-Bart discovered his passion for skateboarding at a very young age.

As a teen, he honed in on his craft, eventually earning international recognition from renowned magazines such as; Thrasher, Sugar Skate, Low Card, True Skateboard mag, Solo Skate, Metro Skateboarding, among others. 

Currently, Jessy works with over ten sponsors; from Vans, Outlaw skateshop, baker boys distribution, Deathwish,  shake junt,  Bones, Ace, Nixon, and Volcom, to Vegan As F*ck, and The Unscented Company. Representing them in every corner of the world, whether it be at Jackalope Festival in Montreal, or the Pan-American Games in Columbia. Additionally, Jessy earned video features in Red Bull’s “Motorcade”, Vans’ “Cash-Out”, “This Is Not The Mehrathon Video” and “This Is Still Not The Mehrathon Video” – both featured on Thrasher Magazine.

In his free time, you can find him hosting skate demos and seminars, or participating in sports studies clinics at schools internationally. As part of the collective “Vivace, a lifestyle without tobacco”, which is subsidized by the Quebec Council on Tobacco And Health, he promotes a smoke-free lifestyle at events across Canada.

Living both vegan and sober, Jessy walks it like he talks it.